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Contact me to discuss any of the services on this page.

Email me on fuzzyman@voidspace.org.uk.

Technical Services


The voidspace server is only using about a tenth of it's capacity. If you have hosting needs, talk to me about it. I can set up new domains very quickly (including registering domain names if you need it).

Website design

If you need a website designing, creating, and setting up - then I'd be happy to work on it.

I can offer a whole package including domain name registration, hosting, and site maintenance.

Web Application

I enjoy creating custom applications for websites. If you have an internet business you'd like to see take off, maybe featuring a custom built shop or another interactive feature, then get in touch and we'll see what we can come up with.

I can create customer accounts, shopping carts, add PayPal integration, file upload and download management, administered picture/product galleries, and more.

Article Writing

I've written several Python related articles and tutorials. You can see these in the article section of my website.

I have already written articles for the online Python journal PyZine. This includes an article on writing web clients, a two part article on writing CGI web applications, and one on Unicode and character encodings.

Product review

If you have a technical book, or other product [1], then send me a copy to review. I can post reviews to my Techie Blog. If the product is worth it I may also post a full page review.

For examples of my writing see the articles page.

Programming Projects

I'm interested in working on any Python project. Clean, modular, OOP design preferred. Wink

As well as custom web applications, I’m happy to work on desktop based programs - using Tkinter or wxPython for the GUI.

If the code is an extension of one of the projects here, or can be released back into the open source community, then the rate is likely to be very reasonable.


I'm looking for work as a programmer, web developer, or technical writer. If you think I might fit the bill for a job you have in mind, check out my Curriculum Vitae.

[1]Especially Python related - but I'm happy to review other products.

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