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Getting Online Without the Hassle

Have you written an article that you want to see published online ? Got an opinion or a view that you think ought to be heard ? Tried free hosting accounts and discovered that they all suck ? Wink

If you have any content [1] or articles you want to share - like poems, your life story, favourite recipes, open source project or anything; I can give it a home.

Be heard - let Voidspace give you a Voice On the Web.

I can host your content at Voidspace free of charge, and link it in to the rest of the site. This way you get the advantage of being part of an established site (that gets hundreds of visitors a day).

I'd consider anything of reasonable quality :

The material will obviously continue to belong to you. It can be ordinary text - so you don't need to learn HTML. I can also host normal HTML webpages etcetera.

Contact me on fuzzyman@voidspace.org.uk.

[1]Non-offensive obviously, and purely at my discretion. Smile

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