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What is Mobile Content?

If you are a newbie, you may not know what Mobile content is. Well, you can have mobile content which is: music, music videos, movies, TV shows, sports, news, e-books, audio books, MP3 files, sports, weather, Internet radio show, RSS feeds, vidcasts formatted for your smart phone or mobile device. Instead of lugging around your: 56 inch plasma TV, hi-fi stereo system, a library of 1000 books, 1000 DVD movie collection, 1000 CD music collection everywhere you go, you can have it all delivered to your mobile device. Not to mention how expensive it would be to transport your media Center in an 18 tonne truck knowing how expensive the gas prices are these days.

  • Imagine being able to control your TV from a hotel room far away from your home; watch and surf channels on your mobile device
  • Watch cable TV on your Bluetooth enabled or ED-VO broadband enabled mobile device via streaming technology
  • Read RSS feeds listen to your favorite podcasts; watch her favorite Vidcasts on your mobile device
  • Listen to your favorite author read to you his latest bestseller on your Treo 700w smart phone, Pocket PC or PDA.

Here is the straight goods on the possibilities that you can tap into in terms of mobile media.

Orb networks is a free service that allows you to watch cable TV on you mobile device as long as you have Internet connection, a smart phone or mobile device and a desktop PC, you can download all your media content onto orb servers. You simply have to go to to open an account, install their software on your desktop computer. It will automatically organize and file all your media content. You can download from your desktop all of your favorite music videos, movies, pictures, videos, etc. Once your media that has been indexed, it can be uploaded to the Orb servers. To access your media, go to and access "my orb account" from your mobile device's web browser.

Once you are in the my orb area, you can choose any item in the index and Orb networks will stream the mobile content from your home PC to your mobile device, no matter where you are as long as you have Internet access. If your desktop PC has a TV tuner card installed, Orb will even stream live TV from your PC to your mobile device.

As we speak, orb networks have done a complete revamp and are offering additional features. You'll be able to also upload your: contacts, bookmarks or favorites. As well, will support: Internet TV and custom Internet radio shows and much more.

Tversity Media Server

Tversity offers the same features as orb networks mentioned earlier in the article. What's great about Tversity is that it's free. Tversity lets you create your personalized list of channels, music, pictures and more to you can access a media in your home network. If your home network is turned on, you have Internet connection; your mobile device can access the media content anywhere, anytime from any device.

The Power of Streaming TV = Fun

For monthly substitution fee, mobile device users can watch over 50 channels via a WiFi or broadband enabled smart phone or mobile device. VDC (virtual digital cable) streams TV shows, movies using Windows media player onto your ED-VO broadband enabled a WiFi enabled smart phone.

Internet Protocol Television

Have You Ever Heard of Internet Protocol Television? VDC is a new player in the Internet protocol television IPTV arena. For only $12 a month, you can subscribe to over 25 channels. Some channels you'll be interested to know are: the Discovery Channel, learning channel, animal planet, and the Associated Press global news wire. VDC is currently offering some free channels for you to evaluate the quality of the service on your Windows mobile device for smart phone. Their web site is:

PPCVidz offers two levels of service. For five dollars a month you can stream their collection of 1300 music videos, shortcuts, movie trailers, commercials or for $10 a month you can download files onto mobile device. PPCVidz also has live TV links to news and TV channels which you can view. 50 of the TV channels are broadcasted from the US. 30 of the TV channels are broadcast from the rest of the world. This is an excellent service for movie buffs. From All the Buzz, High Quality RSS Readers Are Finally Here

Before RSS readers or aggregators became popular you had to manually bookmark 30 to 200 web sites onto your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. Then, every day you with have to tediously go to every single bookmark or web site one by one to check for any new updated information posted on these favorites.

There are reliable RSS readers for your desktop PCs and laptops, but not for Pocket PCs or smart phones. Now, Journal Bar offers a plug in to let you capture:

If you purchase the double expansion pack, you can also add your favorite RSS feeds onto your mobile device. Journal Bar today plug in is only $30.00. For this price you get weather information, 3 rows of news headlines and over 200 stock quotes and movie reviews. Journal bar is not a standalone RSS aggregator. To access the RSS feed feature, the price is more. If you want to take this out for a test drive, you can check out the free trial at: Jornal Bar Free Trial. There is also a version for Blackberry RIM users.

Plusmo is a free service. This service lets you access thousands of channels on the Internet. Some channels include: top 25 itune hits, It also has the flexibility for you to add your own channel. Plusmo lets you: add any RSS feed or website to your smart phone, cell phone or PDA, add a bookmarklet to your browser, check out the closest star bucks, check out the closest gas station, read the latest movie reviews, check out the coolest photos, download popular blogs like Engadget as well as lets you read your friend’s MySpace Blog.

HubDog is a free RSS reader. It lets you listen to Podcasts, watch vidcast and other web content directly on your smart phone or mobile device. In order for hubdog to work, you will want to get the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 to run on your Pocket PC. The download link is located at their website.

Hubdog has all of this included in their service:

To use hubdog, you need one of the following, either a cellular data line, wi-fi or via active Sync. It is incredible how easy it is to use hubdog. Try it for yourself, it’s free!

Check out some of the websites I recommended above, get ready to get the most out of your windows mobile device, smart phone or Pocket PC, wherever your travels take you!

Source: Smartphone Pocket PC Oct/Nov 2006 and Journal Bar

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