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Scott Adams on Password Policies


4-sight Consulting specialises in safety-related systems for the energy, process, transport and utility industries. Modern safety systems often involve computers. Sometimes problems arise not because a system is unsafe as designed, but because the system is insecure. The system was originally safe, but it is no longer safe because it is insecure. The insecurity may arise because people find they cannot understand or work with the contradictory security policies of the many organisations with which they have to deal. This article discusses one aspect of security (passwords) that many people find difficult and suggests an alternative approach.

Article Pages

  1. Page 1
    • Introduction
    • Information Security Policies
    • Fundamental flaw in IS policies
  2. Page 2
    • Fundamental flaw in IS policies (continued)
    • An alternative approach
  3. Page 3
    • An alternative approach (continued)
    • Recommendations
    • Conclusion

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