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Rest2web Releases

This records the different releases to rest2web, with most of the major changes. The individual source files will have more fine grained changelogs if you have a hankering to know the details. Smile

Version 0.4.0 alpha 2005/11/11

There were a lot of changes between the 0.3.0 and the 0.4.0 release. This is a summary :

Documentation refactored and improved, including the tutorial.

Changes for compatibility with Pythonutils 0.2.3 and docutils 3.10.

Added page_description to namespace.

Added file keyword (reserved word in namespace).

Added tags keyword.

Added section-pages keyword (a way of specifying the order of pages in sections).

Added __prune__ (document in special files).

The plugins system and the gallery.

Changes to config file (psyco, pause, DEBUG).

Interactive debug mode.

Added section_contents and print_details functions.

Three extra standard macros.

Bugfix (and change) to the 'print_crumbs' function. It now takes an 'item' value - this means the last item is also a list item.

Fixed bug where restindex options from one section could leak into another.

Fixed bug where having include: No for an index page would cause a crash.

Bugfix to thispage (not broken anymore).

Fixed bug where subsections with a different 'file-extension' were broken.

Fixed bug where not building an index page would cause a crash.

Some changes for compatibility with py2exe (including addition of a py2exe-setup.py).

Version 0.3.0 2005/06/27

Code refactored and better commented. (Thanks to Nicola Larosa for input).

Minor bugfix - an encoding was missing.

Added stylesheet to docutils options override.

Version 0.2.3 2005/06/25

Code style cleanup with help from Nicola Larosa.

Start of the refactoring (some code is simpler internally)

uservalues now compatible with reST.

docs updated appropriately.

Version 0.2.2 2005/06/12

Added support for uservalues.

Version 0.2.1 2005/06/06

Removed extraneous print statement from embedded_code.py

Version 0.2.0 2005/06/01

Various minor changes - especially additions to the namespace pages are rendered in.

Sites are rendered a whole section at a time. This means pages have index data for that section available. This is the sections variable in the namespace.

Added the output-encoding and final_encoding` values to the restindex.

Added the template-encoding value to the restindex. (rest2web is now entirely unicode internally).

It's now possible to specify title and description for the default section.

Added indextree and thispage, allows building of sidebars.

Added standard functions.

Added macros.

Started using subversion repository.

Changed all line endings to 'LF'.

Version 0.1.0 2005/05/08

First version released.

Thanks to Andrew Ittner for testing on Linux.

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