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Section Number Three

Welcome to something.

These Are More Articles

A feature of this section is that the index page is in a different directory to the content. You probably wouldn't use it like this - but it has possibilities when using rest2web to only build part of a website. This is more of a test that the link logic works.

Funky Stuff Hey
Topic 1Topic 2
Topic 3Not Real

Topic 1

This is a description of the articles in topic 1.

Topic 2

This is a description of the articles in topic 2.

Topic 3

This is a description of the articles in topic 3.

Not Real

This section only contains files that don't really exist. You ought to get 404 errors when you click on the links.

They are all pulled in from the file restindex.txt and illustrate how you can use rest2web to build indexes for content that it isn't actually building. Of course normally you'd set the target to be files that do really exist.

The Default Section

I haven't included any links in the default section, but if you look in the source for this index page (if you can find it) - you will see how to include the default section in the sectionlist, and give it a title and description.

This also makes the template more interesting - when it is handling sectionlist it has to cope with the fact that None is in it.

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