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Blown Away

emoticon:dove For some reason this song just blows me away. I don't really know why, other than that it expresses my heart :

1. Lord, I come to You,
Let my heart be changed, renewed,
Flowing from the grace that I found in You.
And, Lord, I've come to know
The weaknesses I see in me
Will be stripped away
By the power of Your love.

Hold me close,
Let Your love surround me.
Bring me near,
Draw me to Your side.
And as I wait,
I'll rise up like the eagle;
And I will soar with You,
Your Spirit leads me on
In the power of Your love.

2. Lord, unveil my eyes.
Let me see You face to face;
The knowledge of Your love, as You live in me.
Lord, renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life,
In living every day
By the power of Your love.

Geoff Bullock (c) 1992 Nightlight Music Pty Ltd.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-04-14 23:22:04 | |


Anointed Efforts

emoticon:cross If you're not a Christian you may not be familiar with the term anointing. It's certainly not a word in common usage. Even in religious circles it's more commonly used to mean the applying of oil to the sick, along with prayer for healing. In charismatic circles it is used to mean a particular presence of the power of God.

"Suddenly the fire of God fell on me. It started on my head and went right down to my feet. His power burned in my body and stayed like that for three whole days."

The power of God is often tangibly present in worship, but anointing is often specific to a particular task that God has prepared for us. The last couple of weeks that I've been working at the Jesus Centre I've been really surprised by how much I've felt the presence of God there. I guess it's not just that the whole place is anointed by God, but also I feel an anointing for what I do there. I guess that means I ought to be getting on with it, rather than writing this. :-)

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-04-14 10:03:34 | |
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Emotions Run Wild

emoticon:carrot Do you like my new 'emoticon' ? It reminds me of a new saying of the 'river lads', the boys who live with us here in community. They say something calculated to provoke a reaction... and then wait to see if you 'bite the carrot' - all too often I do sigh emoticon:bugs

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-04-11 18:23:01 | |


The Old Blog Archives

There was so much ancient wisdom distilled into my old blog, that I couldn't let it just creep ignominiously into the pages of cyber-history. More to the point I'm still getting some hits from google with the old entries. Here are the archives of my previous Blogger based blog.

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