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A Spanner in the Works

emoticon:restart Oh blow. The version of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus that I was offering for download is corrupted. Unfortunately I don't have an uncorrupted version, so I've had to remove it from the files I offer.

If you look at the Downman Download Stats, you'll see that it was one of the most popular downloads I had. 138 people have downloaded it since the 5th of April [1]. It slightly annoys me that only one person let me know the file was damaged.

Getting feedback from this website [2] is difficult. I get about a thousand visitors a day and I only engage a tiny percentage in any kind of feedback or communication. I think the critical mass for building online community must be quite high - 1000 a day is close to the minimum, but probably not there yet (I get regular feedback in the guestbook, but not a lot of feedback).

[1]And lot's more before that.
[2]and presumably any website.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-04-21 12:21:25 | |


Something to Meditate On

emoticon:waffle I normally put a lot more time into my Techie Blog, rather than this blog. this blog is supposed to reflect the more normal aspects of my life - like my spiritual life for example. The fact that I make more entries in the Techie Blog probably says more than I should admit to.

I used to do a lot of meditation, and I got an awful lot from it. There is a very brief article on my website about it, and I've always intended to write more. I got a very interesting question from one of my readers [1] asking what is the point of Christian meditation ?. This is my response.....

The main point of meditation in general (as far as I can tell anyway) seems to be :

To achieve a state of mind different from the normal, in order to affect positive character change, and be more in touch with spiritual reality.

This would also seem to be a fair description of the aims of Christian meditation except, it has one vital component missing.

In Christian spirituality (or mysticism, or theology, or doctrine, or whatever word inserted here floats your boat) - the spiritual reality we are trying to get in touch with is alive ! More than just alive, ultimate spiritual reality has a character, a personality, and in fact is the source of all life. The real aim of Christian meditation is to get to know God better. In some ways, the other factors are just pleasant side effects !

That's not to say that using it as an aid to relaxation, resolving problems, and a myriad other things, aren't valid. To 'meditate on something' really just means to think about it... so I guess it's a word with many meanings and many purposes.

[1]What should you call people who visit your website ?

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-04-19 16:14:08 | |


Where are all the Punks ?

Yesterday Venturer asked :

Just where have the cool cyber sites of yesterday gone? I was pondering it earlier today and decided to have a google. BUT I couldn't find anything even half decent or in existence that follows the cyber/sci-fi (and the rest) themes that Fuchsia and Voidspace do.

Now I'm sure that not so long ago, Fuzzyman and myself were but newbies into the world of cyberpunk with our humble websites. Now it seems we are but a mere handful of survivors.

Hmm... I've always found it odd that there wasn't (isn't) more of a sense of community around cyberpunk.

Every time I explored I would find plenty of abandoned and semi derelict websites and forums, but little that was lively and fresh.

There are several possibilities :

  1. The entire internet is like this - a barren wasteland, largely comprised of derelict rubble and dangerous murky back alleys. only the occasional oasis is to be found outside of the 'commercial mainstream'. Hey - that sounds cyberpunk !
  2. Cyberpunk is dying - cyberpunk was new in the very early nineties. Then along came the popularity, the role playing game, the mainstream. Having been picked up by 'pop culture' the real punks moved on, and cyberpunk is now no longer cool or real. Us diehards are in fact sad losers who refuse to accept reality.
  3. Cyberpunk has changed. The issues that cyberpunk addressed haven't gone away. In some ways they have become mainstream. Bio-technology is for real, corporations go from strength to strength, environmental destruction, a breakdown in the fabric of society. Sometimes they seem remote and fictional, but sometimes they hit all too close to home. Maybe cyberpunk has changed - maybe it's just that no-one calls it cyberpunk anymore. What's the new thing ? Where are 'punk' issues being addressed - perhaps you know......

Hmmm........ All food for thought.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-04-19 11:42:41 | |


Feeling Fuzzy

emoticon:fuzzy Today, I is mainly feeling Fuzzy. :-)

In actual fact it's just an excuse to show off the funky new icon that me mate Aidan has made me.

Having a Rest

I try not to make this blog too techie [1], but this is the right place for news about the Voidspace website. Something is afoot....

Work on rest2web is going very well. This is a new tool that will help me manage the website. It will make adding, removing, or changing, pages (and even whole sections) very easy. It works by storing the website contents as ReST [2], and using templates to turn it into web pages.

It can already generate pages and the navigation trails known as breadcrumbs [3]. All I need it to do now is generate the index pages, and the first working version will be complete. Then I have to start deciding what content to keep, and convert it to ReST. It's nice to see the ideas I had back in October last year finally becoming reality.

It doesn't do everything for me though. I still have to come up with titles and descriptions for all the sections and pages. This is going to make me consider what I really want to keep, and what this website is for [4] !

[1]I save that for the Techie Blog
[2]A very simple text markup. There is a standard set of tools for turning this into html.
[3]Don't ask me why, but I'm sure there must be a reason !
[4]If anyone has any answers to that question, could they please email me and let me know ;-)

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-04-17 18:18:01 | |
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The Old Blog Archives

There was so much ancient wisdom distilled into my old blog, that I couldn't let it just creep ignominiously into the pages of cyber-history. More to the point I'm still getting some hits from google with the old entries. Here are the archives of my previous Blogger based blog.

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