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emoticon:dollars Some things in life confuse me. I mean, take our suppliers of lintels. Keystone Lintels make excellent lintels. They've come from being a new manufacturer, to having around a third of the UK market in about ten years. They've done it by selling a quality product cheaper than the competition, which was stagnant and bloated when they entered the market. They also have quite a flash website [1]....

What they don't have is their prices on their website. This is obviously some corporate decision, but isn't very helpful. They needn't worry - because their prices are all based on a list price, so surely it would be helpful to have this available to customers [2] ?

What they do have is another, secret, domain with just the price list on - obviously intended for the use of merchants like myself. I say secret, because although it only contains list prices it's not linked to anywhere on their site. In fact as far as I can tell it's not linked to anywhere - google doesn't seem to know about it.

Not only that, but they go out of their way to make it hard to find. their main domain is This is a domain, with a '-' separating the words in the domain name. Their price list is at This is a .com domain with no dash. Weird.

I'm hoping that this blog entry will at least cause google to index the site, so that when I forget what it's called I don't have to try four combinations of domain names before I find it !

[2]As it also makes a useful reference to their whole range.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-05-27 13:31:50 | |


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