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Follow my exploration of living a spiritual life and finding the kingdom at Unpolished Musings.

These pages are all my own work. Unfortunately that may be a terrible admission. In these pages are various writings of mine, from the first part of my life story, to poems, to mad ramblings without excuse. Below the links to the articles is my blog. Not to be confused with the Techie Blog, this is random ramblings from life.

Rambling Rumination

Diving or Drowning Part I. The first part of my Autohagiography... up to the point where I first take ecstacy. The tale of how a polite, well mannered middle-class child became such a ruffian.....

Diving or Drowning Part II. The second part of my life story - the further fall....

Life in Romania. An article about living in Romania. This follows two visits in 2004 and 2005 to visit my wifes parents. Life is very different in Romania than it is here in Britain.

A Random Assortment. A short collection of my poetry. There's one or two gems buried in here.

HumanOS v1.3. Subtitled baby crocodiles, computers and the human personality. This is an article that compares the human mind to a computer operating system. It touches on artifical intelligence and the ages old Nature versus Nurture debate.

Christian Meditation. A short piece on Christian meditation - exploring living Spirituality with God.

Imagine Paradise. No its not about a large network of computers, its actually about Christian Community..... and why we bother.

The first is an article on the spiritual power of symbols and sacraments. The second one, is on what sort of truth we can expect to find in the bible - with a brief section providing one possible reconciliation between modern science and Genesis. They should both be understandable by 'beginners' to the subjects.

Quick 'n' Dirty HTML. Need to get a webpage up quick and never done any HTML before ? This article will get you up to speed with the basics, using a TABLE for layout. Not for those who want nice, standards compliant, XHTML and CSS...

Voidspace Story. My cyberpunk short story. Lovely imagery but very short *sigh*. Come and play in the Void !

Beginners Guide to Atlantis. My beginners guide for new players of Atlantis - the computer 'Play-by-eMail' game. Very useful if you`ve just started to play.


Kenji Siratori

emoticon:cyberpunk So it looks like Cyberpunk isn't dead after all. Wink

I've just come across another new Cyberpunk writer [1]. Apparently Kenji Siratori is a :

Japanese cyberpunk writer who is currently bombarding the internet with wave upon wave of highly experimental, uncompromising, progressive, intense prose. His is a writing style that not only breaks with tradition, it severs all cords, and can only really be compared to the kind of experimental writing techniques employed by the Surrealists, William Burroughs and Antonin Artaud. Embracing the image mayhem of the digital age, his relentless prose is nonsensical and extreme, avant-garde and confused, with precedence given to twisted imagery, pace and experimentation over linear narrative and character development. With unparalleled stylistic terrorism, he unleashes his literary attack. An unprovoked assault on the senses. Blood Electric (Creation Books) was acclaimed by David Bowie.

Now I'm a great fan of the beat authors - so this is quite some claim. I have a digital copy of to read, so I'll let you know what I think. Very Happy

[1]New to me at least, it looks like he's written quite a collection of books already.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-12-30 09:49:54 | |


Hair Care

emoticon:file1 Ok, so I feel slightly silly making this blog entry. Embarassed

I have nice long hair, and am determined to enjoy it before I go bald. [1] There's a slight chance this information will be useful to someone else, so I'm going to post and be damned.

For a long time I tried hundreds of commercial shampoos and conditioners - to try and find any that didn't leave my hair feeling dried out. No luck...

Eventually a friend (who is a hairdresser) pointed me to almond oil. It's a light oil often used for massage. You can buy it from health food shops in one litre bottles. I'm sure I could get it cheaper (I currently pay about fifteen quid for a bottle), but a bottle lasts me around six months [2].

I wash my hair most days, and never use commercial products now. The almond oil prevents my hair from drying out much better than any conditioner ever has ! Very Happy

Dry hair problem solved ! [3]

[1]My Dad is pretty bald, and my maternal grandfather had a head as smooth as a snooker ball.
[2]This will be a good benchmark. Next time I buy a bottle I can check against the date of this post.
[3]Seemingly superfluous comment added for the sake of google. I hate writing content for search engines. Sad

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-12-29 12:47:38 | |

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