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emoticon:worship It's not often I say anything controversial on this blog, but I've had it, and I've donned my flame proof pants especially for the occasion. Bad Grin

Interest in ghosts, aliens (alien visits, alien sightings, alien abduction, whatever...), speaking to the dead and anything related are not spiritual. At best they are pseudo spiritual, and probably worse. Neutral

They all stem from a similar need. People realise that there are facets of life and the universe (and everything...) that are unexplained by Western rationalism. (a.k.a. science). These things are possibly (well, definitely, but let's not get too dogmatic) unexplainable by a purely left brain world view.

Instead of causing them to look inwards at Soul & Spirit, they externalise them. The answer is enough to provide a 'rational' explanation, but just mysterious enough to prevent people having to look deeper. Ultimately all these subjects have nothing to say about the ultimate nature of reality, and man's relationship to it. They offer an explanation to the mystery of the universe on one hand, but on the other hand have little to say about the real question.

Like many lies, they may contain grains of truth, but you don't need to scratch deep to uncover the deception.

These beliefs are sometimes adhered to by ardent fanatics, but are also explored by spiritual seekers. Unfortunately these beliefs often ensnare people, and make it harder for them to find the truth.

Not wanting to discourage those on a genuine Spiritual search, I find it difficult to discuss these topics with people. On the one hand I want to listen to people and assist their search. On the other hand, I find these particular beliefs hard to discuss without wanting to dismiss them.

What particularly grates is the name of the practise of communicating with the dead, spiritualism. This is a travesty of a genuine Spirituality.

I'm sure there are a lot of charlatans, I'm equally sure there are a lot of genuine people with real beliefs. That's why I find it difficult to discuss the subject. It's not that I don't believe in Spirits (but I believe more in Spirit - the human spirit and the Holy Spirit). I don't believe they are spirits of the deceased though, they are either (almost invariably) manifestations of psychic forces (and so mindless except as they respond to the human soul) or demonic forces.

Oh, and by the way, you can add conspiracy theories to the list of pseudo spirituality. Razz

Yep - I think that's the rant over.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-02-01 20:58:19 | |


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