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Transport Woes

emoticon:drive Living in Kingsthorpe, on the outer spiral arm of Northampton, is fun. Getting to work is a real pain though. Sad

We don't yet have a car, and so most mornings we have to catch two buses to work. (A couple of friends help us out when they can, but this isn't every day.) Now public transport in the UK isn't too hot, it's mostly privatised and intermittent would be a kind way to describe it. I imagine it's worse if you're old and live in a village, and really dependent on the buses.

I start work at eight, so I have to catch a bus at 7.30am from the bus stop about twenty minutes walk away. This gets us to the town centre bus station at ten to eight. This monstrosity of a building has been voted one of the worst building in England, more importantly - it's cold. After about twenty minutes wait, we can catch a bus to Daventry. This gets me to work forty minutes late. sigh

This whole process is repeated in reverse at the end of the day. So I'm looking for a car. Smile

We can only afford a cheap car. It's perfectly possible to buy a decent car for five hundred pounds. The surging tide of cars on the roads, and the extra costs of disposing of old cars now, means that it's a buyers market.

Realistically though, it's also possible to buy a complete turkey; that will chew it's way through the contents of my flea battered wallet before dying in splutter of oil and wrenched metal.

So we're looking for a small car, with decent MOT, that will be cheap to run and cheap to insure. The sort of cars we're looking for are ten year old Vauxhall Astras; that sort of thing. Except I'm only going to buy a car if I can take one of my more mechanically adept friends to come with me. I have three of these.

  1. Is extremely busy - very helpful, but very busy.
  2. Is very unreliable, good with cars, bad with times.
  3. Is saving up for a car, so doesn't have one at the moment. He'll come with me, if I can co-ordinate with someone else to drive us both around.

double-sigh What a logistical nightmare.

Ha, to top it all I've just been offered a free car. It's a 2.2 litre seven seater in great condition. The main drawback is that it's currently in Hungary (oh, and it's a left hand drive). Laughing

I'd love to fly to Hungary and then drive back through Europe. What an adventure, and flights are cheap at the moment. If it isn't too expensive to insure (which is unlikely), then I might just do it...

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-02-24 18:56:06 | |


Job Hunting

emoticon:clock The job hunting is interesting. If you're interested in how it's going, you can read about it in Job Hunting, on my Techie Blog.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-02-24 18:52:02 | |
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emoticon:slippedstream I'm pleased to be able to announce that a new program SlippedStream is available from the Voidspace Shop. Turn your Windows PC into a multimedia workstation. :-

Scam free TV on your pc - 100% Free, 100% legal.

The SlippedStream desktop application gives you the best Sky, TV and Radio stations on your pc - just install SlippedStream and view at your leisure.

This unique application has a stylish design and over 100 Sky and TV Channels including countless live radio stations categorised by type and with easy installation.

SlippedStream brings you the Sky and TV channels and programmes that are worth watching and listening to and compiles them to a handy desktop application - 'SlippedStream'.

Now includes such content as Simpsons, 24, Lost, Family Guy, King of the Hill, Viva La Bam (many of which are whole entire seasons if not multiple whole entire seasons), AND top movies such as Troy, Robots, Braveheart, Italian Job and more!

Scam free

Firstly, let's just say that this is scam free. Be assured that this isn't just a load of broken link trawled from the internet or a circuit diagram on how to break your digi box. This is a genuine product developed using Windows Media Player, Winamp, Quicktime and Real applications to give you what you always wanted - TV on your PC!

What is it?

SlippedStream is a desktop mini-application that provides you with easy access to legal and freely available web tv feeds that can be viewed by anybody provided they have the correct media player and/or plugin installed.

If this is just stuff from the web, why pay?

Good question. Mainly because we have searched out, tested and amalgamated these channels into a viable product. We have scoured until the ends of the web until we were sick of searching. We have probed various media streams, extracted hidden urls and tested them until we can't take it anymore. And then we made this nice little mini-application so you get all we have strived for via a simple click!


SlippedStream contains no spy-ware, viruses, or other malicious applications that silently attack your computer while you are surfing the Web and is NOT advert supported..

What you do get

Over 100 quality channels of all genres: Movies, science, news, entertainment, fashion, shopping, cartoons, sport, latest TV episodes, comedy and more!

SlippedStream is LEGAL therefore doesn't carry channels that can only be received through subscriptions BUT you will be surprised at the quality you can receive.

Name drop

Ok, you want a name drop to get you excited? How about this: Exclusive content featuring, MTV, Extreme sports, BBC, CNN, VH1, Movies, Cartoons, stacks of radio station, and on demand programmes.

Also top series such as Simpsons, 24, Lost, Family Guy, King of the Hill, Viva La Bam (many of which are whole entire seasons if not multiple whole entire seasons), AND top movies such as Troy, Robots, Braveheart, Italian Job and more! What you won't get

We don't need to pretend, you WON'T get full blown, dvd quality SKY broadcasting that would normally cost you $XXX. If we said we could we'd be lying or it would be ILLEGAL (and a scam).

You won't get top quality SKY BOX OFFICE for example. No one can get you such things except SKY.

Most of all we're not selling you just some Peer2peer software for $XXX claiming that you're buying a download subscription with legal unlimited movie downloads per year (p2p software IS legal, downloading anything using it IS NOT - making it useless).

No hardware

No special hardware is required to use the application. Further software installation may be required but it is all free and legal. No licence

Since you are not using special receiving equipment or TV cards, NO TV LICENSE is required and there are NO SUBSCRIPTIONS needed.

Who needs SlippedStream?

Those of you who will find it very cool to have internet TV at the click of the mouse on your PC.

Those who can sit at work and watch cartoons, movies, etc.

Those who want to check news or weather reports live throughout the day.

I could go on...

Satisfied Customers

SlippedStream is currently selling at more than ONE COPY PER DAY. And that's to satisfied customers.



An alternative version for Linux and Mac desktops, will hopefully follow shortly.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-02-24 09:51:08 | |


The Old Blog Archives

There was so much ancient wisdom distilled into my old blog, that I couldn't let it just creep ignominiously into the pages of cyber-history. More to the point I'm still getting some hits from google with the old entries. Here are the archives of my previous Blogger based blog.

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