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Follow my exploration of living a spiritual life and finding the kingdom at Unpolished Musings.

These pages are all my own work. Unfortunately that may be a terrible admission. In these pages are various writings of mine, from the first part of my life story, to poems, to mad ramblings without excuse. Below the links to the articles is my blog. Not to be confused with the Techie Blog, this is random ramblings from life.

Rambling Rumination

Diving or Drowning Part I. The first part of my Autohagiography... up to the point where I first take ecstacy. The tale of how a polite, well mannered middle-class child became such a ruffian.....

Diving or Drowning Part II. The second part of my life story - the further fall....

Life in Romania. An article about living in Romania. This follows two visits in 2004 and 2005 to visit my wifes parents. Life is very different in Romania than it is here in Britain.

A Random Assortment. A short collection of my poetry. There's one or two gems buried in here.

HumanOS v1.3. Subtitled baby crocodiles, computers and the human personality. This is an article that compares the human mind to a computer operating system. It touches on artifical intelligence and the ages old Nature versus Nurture debate.

Christian Meditation. A short piece on Christian meditation - exploring living Spirituality with God.

Imagine Paradise. No its not about a large network of computers, its actually about Christian Community..... and why we bother.

The first is an article on the spiritual power of symbols and sacraments. The second one, is on what sort of truth we can expect to find in the bible - with a brief section providing one possible reconciliation between modern science and Genesis. They should both be understandable by 'beginners' to the subjects.

Quick 'n' Dirty HTML. Need to get a webpage up quick and never done any HTML before ? This article will get you up to speed with the basics, using a TABLE for layout. Not for those who want nice, standards compliant, XHTML and CSS...

Voidspace Story. My cyberpunk short story. Lovely imagery but very short *sigh*. Come and play in the Void !

Beginners Guide to Atlantis. My beginners guide for new players of Atlantis - the computer 'Play-by-eMail' game. Very useful if you`ve just started to play.

Urban Legends

emoticon:home It's 2.21 am in the morning and I can't sleep. Sad

As a result I'm randomly surfing the internet. We all carry around a lot of mental baggage, (as well as the emotional kind) you know like little factoids you heard when you were a kid and just always assumed were true.

Well a lot of these turn out not to be true, but every now and then you get proved right.

When I was a kid I got told (by my Dad I think) that they redefined the inch to 25.4mm to bring it more in line with the metric system. When I repeated this at a public gathering recently, it sounded kind of dumb. Luckily google has vindicated me and my father. (Well, sort of.) Razz

From a Nist Publication :

In 1959 the definition of the yard was changed to bring the U.S. yard and the yard used in other countries into agreement. Since then the yard has been defined as exactly equal to 0.9144 m, and thus the foot has been defined as exactly equal to 0.3048 m.

Cool. Next one, and I don't know where I heard this one, that hot water cools down faster than cold water. That isn't quite right, but it does turn out that water that has been heated freezes faster than cold water. This was noticed by Aristotle (and more recently by a school kid called Erasto Mpemna). It is only today [1] that an answer to this riddle has been proposed :

[unheated water contains solutes like calcium and magnesium bicarbonate, heating causes these to precipitate out] Water that has never been heated still contains these solutes. As it freezes, ice crystals form, and the concentration of solutes in the remaining water becomes ever higher up to 50 times as high as normal. This lowers the freezing point of the water, just like salt sprinkled on a road in winter. "The water therefore has to cool further before it freezes,"

So a couple of the more minor urban myths remain un-slain. I wish I could sleep though. sigh

[1]May 31st 2006, and I'm supposed to cite New Scientist as the source.

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The Eternals

emoticon:movpy2 My favourite graphic novelist (who also happens to be one of my favourite authors) has a new series coming out. Of course I'm talking about Neil Gaiman, (the writer of MirrorMask).

Marvel Comics has released preview pages from "Eternals" #1, and it is due to ship on June 21st.

The Eternals

You are thousands of years old. You have amazing powers. You have watched civilizations rise and fall-- so why does no one remember any of this? Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman (Marvel: 1602, Anansi Boys, Sandman) is joined by superstar artist John Romita Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine) to bring you the eagerly-awaited event of 2006-ETERNALS!! Ike Harris has dreams of adventures, love affairs and betrayals, but no one involved remembers or believes him. And who is trying to kill him to keep him from talking about it?


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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-06-01 01:48:59 | |

Mobile VoIP

emoticon:mobile Rene Tse has written a new article on VoIP.

Mobile VoIP - Voice Over Wi-Fi

VoIP really is about mobility. This article is about using Wi-Fi enabled devices capable of Voice Over IP. It provides a mini tutorial on how to install four VoIP applications on Linux, Apple Mac or Windows operating systems.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-06-01 00:02:34 | |
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New RSS Feeds

emoticon:firedrop2 Thanks to work by Davy Mitchell on Firedrop2, this blog now has separate RSS feeds for each category. Very Happy

RSS Feeds by Category

I have also setup Planet Firedrop. This is an aggregator showing posts from blogs powered by Firedrop2.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-05-30 01:08:40 | |
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Cyberpunk in the Library

emoticon:drive The excellent Bridge Trilogy by William Gibson has long been available from the Cyberpunk Library. Now thanks to the work of Joao Lobato and Vicente Espinoza, they have been proof read, and are available for download separately :

The Work of William Gibson

If you've never read Virtual Light, Idoru and All Tomorrow's Parties, then they're well worth a read. Excellent stuff. Smile

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-05-27 21:20:56 | |
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