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Podcasting, Pocket PCs and Radio on Your Time

emoticon:podcast There are two new articles on Podcasting by Rene Tse in the Technology Section of Voidspace.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-09-03 22:55:45 | |
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A Beautiful Tree

emoticon:knot A poem by Luke Van Der Schaans.

A Beautiful Tree

I watched a little seed, with a hard and shiny shell,
As it in the rich soil fell.
There, when it had died in the ground,
Not long after, a green leaf was to be found.
For a while I feared this new life would not survive,
So I watched and prayed that it might stay alive.
For raging storms blew over my little one,
Trying hard to get it's fragile roots undone.
And after the storm, the sun made everything so dry,
That all the shallow plants give in to die.
Just when this brave one could catch it's breath,
The weeds arose, almost choking it to death.
In all of this, a big black bird was going round,
Wanting to devour all that sprung fresh from the ground.
But after to have endured all this hardship and pain,
It seemed my little tree was going to remain.
Already birds came in it's branches, their nests to hide,
While it's deep roots drank from the stream it stood beside.
Every season it released a sweet fragrance, for all to smell,
Followed by good fruits, carrying little seeds, with a hard and shiny shell.
After many years of producing all this good,
Something happend I very much misunderstood.
The Sower, picked up His axe and went my tree to kill,
Saying it had yet a greater purpose to fulfill.
But never before had I seen greater loss,
When I saw Him preparing this ugly cross.
He cried, as He brought it to the marked square,
And placed it on the back of His own Son who was there.
Father, Father, He cried; Is there really no other way,
To save mankind from it's evil day?
But the hammer had fallen, there was no turning back,
The Light of the World was sent into the Black.
So there He went, willingly dragging that cross upon that hill,
Where a cheering crowd, willingly gatherd for the kill.
And after those nails went through His hands and feet,
He was lifted in the air, hanging there for all to bleed.
And as those drops of holy life fell into the dust and clay,
All the worlds dirty stains of sin where washed away.
Before He closed His eyes, only this was left to say,
It is accomplished, there is escape through the narrow way.
All you little seeds, with a hard and shiny shell,
Come, and die in the ground, beside the eternal well.
For that truly is the way to join Life's victory,
All through the blood, that was shed on that beautiful tree.

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Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-09-02 16:35:00 | |


The Old Blog Archives

There was so much ancient wisdom distilled into my old blog, that I couldn't let it just creep ignominiously into the pages of cyber-history. More to the point I'm still getting some hits from google with the old entries. Here are the archives of my previous Blogger based blog.

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