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THE DEEPEST part of our life is our walk with God, our communion and communication with him. This is because we communicate with God spirit to spirit. The conscious mind is only such a small proportion of our whole soul. Most of our life and soul occurs below the surface - our abilities and memories and life that we`re not aware of. God wants to know and deal with our whole being - not just the small part that we normally live in.

Meditation is purely the name for any period of restful contemplation - not a passive rest but actively practising the presence of God. Whether it be focusing on a scripture, on part of God`s character or simply speaking in tongues the key is focus. The human heart may be deceitful above all things but the human mind is distracted above all things and, like so many other things in life, we soon learn that endurance is the only virtue.

The first couple of times I meditated I got very little out of it: "I wonder what`s for tea tonight.. oh no, feel a bit uncomfortable ... oops - supposed to be meditating..." and so on - the list of potential distractions is endless.

As I learned to let the distractions go, and not be worried about them, they eventually started to fade. It is only when you try and concentrate on God like this that you realise how much time you spend taken up with shallow things. It becomes painfully obvious that the clamouring voices of the soul are not easily stilled. After a few times though, a new peace started to come through the meditation and I was learning to get past the hecticness of my own head. Whatever state of mind you start in, there is plenty of hope. No matter how difficult it seems, if you give yourself to practise meditation you will get there.

When I finally found the worries of the day and the background nervous tension easing, I could feel an exciting life inside me. It was like being connected to a deeper part of myself - that I simply couldn't hear through all the static normally. Inside of this was the life of the Spirit - fantastic Smile . Sometimes this was really strong - the kick in my guts of being alive.

The great thing is that the effect of meditation isn't a transient thing. The submerged machinery of the soul starts to work and you become aware of your own depths. I have often had things from my past run through my mind whilst meditating, or felt a strong desire to pray for people I know. The things that have been going on in my subconscious have risen to the surface - this gives you an opportunity to deal with them and let God into them. This works it's way into your spiritual life - and the rest of your life too.

One of the most beautiful meditations is a meditation on silence. Yes, it is very easy to get distracted but the same connection with the Jesus we find in woship - can also link us to God in meditation. This is exciting. It's not a passive blanking of your mind, susceptible to every spiritual influence [1]. The point is to keep your mind alert - but under control. Feel your spirit and reach out to the spirit of God.

I find it useful to start with a brief prayer, first thanking God, then repenting for recent sin. Following with a burst of speaking in tongues to crank up the spirit. I try to get comfortable before I start - then try not to listen to every groan and complaint of my body. Soon all the itches and groans will go, my body will relax, and my mind will find peace. Often, I'd learn what it means to feel my spirit soar.

I'd say to someone trying Christian meditation for the first time "explore and have fun!" God is the source of all life and as we develop strength of mind and will in His Spirit we can do it.

[1]As some people associate with dubious meditation practises.

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